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Eleanore Maxwell Armstrong-Perlman

Training. Diploma in Psychiatric Social Work. BAP Member Freudian Stream. Tavistock Qualification in

Adult Psychoanalytic  Psychotherapy.(4 years full time). Tavistock Qualification in Family Therapy.

Degrees. M.A. St Andrews (Philosophy and Psychology). Diploma in Education Edinburgh University. M.A.

London Institute of Education (Philosophy of Mind and Education)


Four years Mental Welfare Officer. Front line Sections and Casework with Psychotic patients and Families. One year

Psychiatric Social Worker St Thomas Hospital year. Extreme medical model. Four years Senior Social Worker St

Clements Hospital run as Therapeutic Community by Professor Pond of London Hospital. Four years Tavistock Clinic

then private practice from 1981. Chair of Guild of Psychotherapist (an eclectic training for six years) Founder

Member of UKCP. (with two others wrote draft for federal structure) also founder member for formation of British Journal of Psychotherapy and Concepts Editor for a few years. Narcissism and Object Choice in Freud. BJP vol 3.issue 1September 1984. The Child’s Psyche and the Nature of its Experience. BJP vol 4.issue2. December 1987.

Chaired an International Conference, Guild of Psychotherapists, Essex University and Free Associations, leading to Psychosis: Understanding and Treatment ed J Ellwood. Jessica Kingsley 1995. Group Relations.  A consultant at a Leicester Conference.

Articles. “The Allure of the Bad Object” Fairbairn and the Origins of Object Relationships ed. J. Grotstein and D B Rinsley. “Three in One: Fairbairn’s Volatile Trinity.” Drawing the Soul by B Burgoyne. Karnac Books

“Oedipus: Triangulated by Trauma.” Fairbairn and the Object Relations Tradition ed. G S Clarke and D E Scharff.

Since then attendance at conferences on neuroscience, attachment and Trauma.

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